The Silver Negative is a jangly and occasionally feedback-tinted folk/psych/shoegaze rock outfit out of Boston. Their debut EP Stealing Songs features atmospheric arrangements with sounds ranging from delicate instrumentals to droning guitars and occasional digital flourishes.




Aiding and Abetting

The Silver Negative  
Stealing Songs EP  

Another kind of fifth 

Americana-tinged indie pop that flows so smoothly that it is almost impossible to remember that there are bands who cannot manage to write a single song as good as each of the four here. 

By and large, the Silver Negative is Bek Zaganjori, and there are hints here and there that betray the one-man nature of this recording. On the whole, though, the tight sound on these songs sounds like a band that has been playing together for ages. 

These four songs don't even last twelve minutes in all. Hardly a blip in time. But the wonder they create is much more far-reaching. There's not much analysis to do here. Zaganjori has crafted four gems that approach perfection. Drop everything and devote a fifth of an hour from your day to this EP. I guarantee that fifth will multiply quickly. Wonderful stuff.